Monday, August 15, 2011

Crazy day=Ramen noodles

Well last night I have no idea what got into me but falling asleep at 7:00 sounded GREAT! So I went to bed and of corse woke up at 5:45am this morning. Crazy right? Well woke up to some exciting text messages. And got a date to JBB that's a whole other blog that will come at some point when the time comes close so you'll just have to wait. My wonderful mother comes into my room and talks with me before she left and I let her know I was getting married and wasn't joking. She texted  me later on and said it's schedule pick up day and she will come and get me around 10am. Well I got REALLY into this episode of bad girls club and let me tell you there is a girl named Judy who is caaraaazzzyy! She even carry's a vudu doll around. Okay anyways back on subject of the schedule. Well Edison is dumb and came up with some whole new process all I want is my schedule. NO. I. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. BUY. ANYTHING. But they decide to make you go thur a long hectic process and I don't have a desire to see people I know because I just don't care. So then I get my schedule and WAS NOT happy and before we got there I clearly stated on Twitter and to my mother if I don't like my classes they will get changed right a way or we'll have issues. So I get my schedule and it's a mess. Who forgets to give somebody a 6th hour? Would you like me to leave? Didn't think so. So I marched my happy behind over to Mr. C (My counsoler) And he said put in a schedule request and he'll see what he can do. No I've learned this look from my mother that's like do what I say or I'll hurt you. CLEARLY it worked because he was super helpful and changed it right on the spot. But it's all jumbled up and I have like 4 half semester classes so I have no idea what's gonna happen when second semester comes up and I have to get it re made. But happy thing is I got Ms. Robovsky's class wich is all that really mattered. So thats how I got my schedule. Crazy right?
So then after my hectic pick up I was craving Taco Bell so my kind hearted mother stopped and got it for me and we came home to eat. While we are sitting there eating I continue in talking about how i'm going to marry this boy (he who shall not be named) And I told her when we get married she has to make a tost that says "I remember after Akelah's schedule pick up when she looked into my eyes and said mom I am going to marry such and such and...." There it is I began to choke and I mean CHOKE my taco went down the wrong way and my mom just sat there and stared at me like I was crazy or something when in reality I needed her help. Her response to the situation. "Put your hands up and drink some water" Okay 1. I didn't have water 2. How does your hands help? But once I was done choking I was sure to continue back to marrage and let her know she had to leave the choking part out! Or else it wouldn't be romantic....

My mother left me so I waited for my mentor Kristen to come and get me. Now me and this woman have some CRAZY memories when we get together something fun is going to happen. Well Friday night at ORU is church rush. Where all the students get to come pick a church since most of them are new to the city. So we get the Idea to use Ramen Noodles with the church card on them I mean why not? College kids will always take Ramen Noodles. (A rootbeer keg is being ordered) So they're going all out for this event. So we get into sam's club to buy all these noodles and we walk in circles trying to find them when finally I ask the lady where they are and she gave a tude that means attituide. And I was not having it so I gave her one back. Anyways we go get over 300 packs of ramen noodles. And 400+ cups! THEN we look for double sided tape of corse they don't have any. So a trip to Office Depot it is. Then we go check out and we both thought the lady asked to put one of everything up there to check out. Then comes over and slings everything on there and is RUDE. We go get double sided tape they think we're crazy buying 6 packs but whatever we already got asked by the lady at sams if we we're headed to college. So we get the tape and everything. By the way this is all in KP's lovely smelling car. (not) She spilled coffee in it a few days ago and cofee and heat DON'T MIX. Shew wee yucky! So we walk in the office and of corse ask the guys to help us and they say yea sure thing. We carried it all inside! I Drop a thing of cups and they go everywhere. But as a result this is what I ended up in. I jammed out to Colbie Callait pandora and did all of these MYSELF. Very proud moment!

After my long day of ramen noodles and schedule crazy stuff. I got treated to Cozmo's on brookside it was delish. I recomend it! And now Im hanging out at home waiting for the basketball wives reunion and possibly grocery shopping. Although at this point staying home and eating ice cream sounds great. What a day!

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